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Whatever it is that you want to sell at auction – fine arts, sculpture, jewelry, furniture or other special items – it’s important to understand the value. To learn about the value of items you own and/or to sell the property with China Arts Auction, please see our policy regarding Valuations.

Option 1: Send Us Photos

If you have items that you know you want to sell at auction, send us photos with approximate dimensions if possible, and we will give an estimate. Take two to three photos of each piece, from various perspectives. Send us the photos via email or postal mail.

Send the photos via email, making sure to include your name, phone number, email address as well as dimensions of the item with any pertinent information such as condition and history to:


or mail them, with the same contact information, to:

  • Valuations, China Arts Auction, 2275 Huntington Dr, # 193, San Marino, CA, 91108


We cannot give jewelry valuations based on photos. All estimates based on photos may change, once we actually see the items.



  • We will give estimates on 2-3 items per person.

  • However, if you just want to find out whether we will accept your items for auction, you may include photos of up to 15 of the best or most representative items, with a brief description of the other items you have.

Option 2: Attend a Valuation Session

Valuation Sessions are held by appointment only. Please call to schedule a session.

China Arts  Auction will give verbal valuations for up to five items per person. Although we prefer to see the actual item, these can be done based on photos, again with the stipulation that these estimates may change, once we actually see the items. There is a charge if a written valuation is required.

China Arts Auction has to have a minimum value per consignment of $2000 overall, or $300 for a single item, although there are some exceptions.

Option 3: Schedule a Specialist to Make a Visit

In the case that a consignor lives a distance or seeks valuation on a number of large pieces, we can arrange a visit. There are two types of visits our specialists may make.

  • The Courtesy Look (roughly 95% of all visits made) for which there is no charge. In this situation, the specialist will take a quick walk through the home, apartment, or business. If requested, they’ll be happy to give verbal estimates on a couple of the items, if they can, but will not give estimates on each item. They will discuss which items make sense for auction and which don’t, and sometimes they can give a global estimate what the entire collection/estate might bring.

  • The Valuation, for which China Arts Auction charges $250 the first hour, $150 each additional hour. This includes one hour of travel time. There may be additional time required for research on some items. How long this takes, in addition to the numbers of items and the research involved in determining their value, may depend on how much detail is required (i.e. does the client require estimates on every single item, or perhaps only those worth more than $100?), and whether the items are easily accessible.


Generally, China Arts Auction staff doesn’t do valuations for insurance purposes, divorces, donations or business evaluations, but may refer the client to one or more specialists.

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