Shipping Policy

China Arts Auction does not ship or pack any items sold or offered at auction, with no exceptions. We will assist buyers in making shipping arrangements by furnishing information on packers and shippers. A list is provided below buyers have used in the past. We have no connection with them, other than through our buyers. You should contact your transport company directly and advise us of the plans you have made. Handling of purchased lots by us is at the risk of the purchaser. Final arrangements and agreements are strictly between the buyer and the shipper. China Arts Auction is not responsible for the buyer’s choice of a shipper or for any occurrences during shipping.

Our gallery is open Monday to Friday from 11 am – 4 pm for pick-ups.

We are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday.

Pick up Address: 818 W Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, CA91776.

All purchases must be paid in full prior to their release.

If you choose to pick up your items yourself or do not use an ICC/DOT certified carrier to ship out of state who provides a Bill of Lading; you will be subject to local and state sales taxes.


Premier Pack N Ship LLC

Contact: Vincent Chau


WeChat: Itsvinny111

[email protected]


The UPS Store #7300

Contact: Robert Yung


[email protected]


Box Brothers Corp.

Contact: Charles Rucker


[email protected]


SingaPasar Inc

Contact: William


[email protected]


If you contact any of the above companies, they can facilitate the packing and shipment of your purchases.

Following making your shipping arrangements, please fill out the Shipping Authorization Form.

We must receive your authorization prior to releasing your purchases.

If you grant authorization to individuals other than yourself to retrieve the items on your behalf, we kindly request that you complete the Authorized Release Form and subsequently return it to us. The designated individual must be in possession of a valid identification document, wherein the name presented aligns with the information provided on the aforementioned form, at the time of item pickup.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.